We stock almost everything that you need to do a good welding job, and if we don't have it, we can most certainly get it for you!!

Painting your house, or something more industrial?? We can help, we've got a wide range of industrial & domestic paints, varnishes, tools for painting, spraying etc. Come see for yourself, we are here to help you do the best job!!!

Fixing a shelf to a wall?? Or do you just need a few nails? We'll we've got it. Nail-in ancors, rawl bolts, dyna bolts, nails and almost every fastner you can imagine. Come let us help you get the right fastner for the job!!

We keep a wide variety of Ryobi & Bosch powertools at very reasonable prices. We also repair those out of guarantee tools lying ion your garage that's not working...bring them and we'll see how we can repair it at the most economic cost to you!!!

Got a leaking pipe? Or a toilet that's not working as it's supposed to? Come to Mica, we'll give you the right advice and products to help you fix your problem...anything that's plumbing!!

Got a wall that needs a rebuild? Or are you adding another room to your house? We've got what you're looking for...from cement to safety equipment! We can also deliver to your doorstep at a minimal cost!

We have got a wide variety of handtools from diffrerent suppliers ranging from DIY to Industrial, so that it's perfect for the job you need it for!

For the gardening enthusiast or the dad that needs to plant a flower to keep his daughter happy... We can help you prepare the ground with our wide variety of plant food... Poolcare products to keep your pool nice and blue for the hot days that are coming...

We keep evertyhing you need to do a SAFE job! Goggles, Gloves,Safety Boots, Reflective Vests, and so much more!! Come have a peek!

Need a new light in your darkend bathroom? Or has your circuit breaker stopped working? We stock everything you need for electrical work fromwire strippers to wire and even insulation tape!

Do you need to patch your tyre? Or is your car not smelling so nice? We have just what you need. From carfreshners to tyre patch kits and so much more.

Is it dark inside your tent?Or do you have to sit on a boulder? Come to Cosave and we'll be light in your life and the softchair under your bum...

Is your dog full of fleas? Or has you cat been playing in the mud again? Let us help you get rid of the dirt andfleas on tour beloved pet...

Lost your key for your house orneed to make an extra copy? We have a wide variety of pre-cut keys and also cuthouse& certaincarkeys. You can also buy a keyring and keytag for those ever missing keys!

We stock a widevariety of adhesive products that willmeet your needs... Come and see what we have....

Planning on tiling your home? We've got all the accessories you need form tile adhesive to grout and even tile spacers.

Everything you need to do a good clean job....

Pellet guns...Paintball guns...Dart guns... whatever you need to have some fun...we've got it!

Waterpaper ... Cabinetpaper ... Surface Grinding Discs ... Flap Discs ... whatever youneed ...come and have a look!

Need to lock your gate? Come see our wide range of locks and locksets!

Ants eating all your sugar? Or flies spoiling you lunch? We've got just the solution!

We sell a selection of Kettles, Steam Irons and small home appliances...

LPG gas suppliers and accessories needed to gas up your life!

Welder Inverter
Arc welding uses a welding power supply to create an electric arc between an electrode and the base material to melt the metals at the welding point....

The Razor range provides fine quality, affordable hand tools to suit your every D....